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Academic Mission

Academic MissionWe believe that an orthopaedic residency program should provide its trainees with opportunities to acquire basic knowledge, evaluate and care for a variety of orthopaedic clinical problems and demonstrate ethical behavior in the practice of orthopaedic surgery.

We believe that our faculty and staff must instill in all trainees a high standard for the compassionate care of patients.

It is a goal of this program to emphasize learning as an active process for both the orthopaedic educator and the resident. During a resident's early clinical years, faculty members and senior level residents help the trainee to develop into an independent and capable clinician.

Our commitment to excellence in education is part of our mission as a leader in the field of orthopaedic surgery. We believe that the reputation of our program is only as good as the reputation of our graduates and that their acquired talent and skills represent our endowment to future generations.